Richard E. Haskell, Sr. is an Assistant Professor (Finance) in the Gore School of Business at Westminster College, has a faculty appointment in the  Department of Economics at the University of Utah, and is a retired business owner.  His research agenda includes explorations into valuation modeling (discounted cash flows, multiples) in corporate finance,and the higher education and labor market effects of innovations in public education.

Haskell has been awarded the Marriner S. Eccles Graduate Fellow in Political Economy (2014), the Herbert W. Gustafson Graduate Fellow (2013), and was the recipient of the Rasmussen Doctoral Research Grant for 2013 and 2014.  He also received an Honorable Mention for the Stockham Medal for Conspicuously Effective Teaching (2015).

Haskell has a PhD and MS  in Economics from the University of Utah, and BS in Family Financial Planning and Counseling from Brigham Young University.  Though clearly passionate about the discipline of economics, his true passions are his wife, children and grandchildren.