Labor Economics Video Tutorials


1.       Module 1: Introduction to the Labor Market

a.       The Labor Force

b.       Employment & Unemployment

c.       Labor Force Trends

d.       Types of Unemployment

e.       Natural Rate of Unemployment

2.       Module 2: Labor Market Marginality

a.       Marginality & Profit Maximization

b.       Marginal Product of Labor

c.       Total Product of Labor

d.       Marginal Revenue Product of Labor

e.       MRPL & Labor Demand

f.        Marginal Expense of Labor

3.       Module 3: Evaluating Labor Market Models

a.       Models Define the Market

b.       Equations Define the Model

c.       Interpreting Labor Market Models

d.       A System of Two Equations

e.       Labor Market Friction

f.        Shifts and Movements