Richard E. Haskell, Sr.

Richard Haskell is an Associate Professor of Finance in Westminster College's Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business, having come to the college after a fulfilling career in finance and investments and earning Masters and Doctoral degrees in Economics at the University of Utah. His research is centered around asset valuation methods and concepts, and the effects of capital intensity on labor markets.  He teaches higher order finance courses to Gore School of Business seniors and graduate students.

Haskell has a PhD and MS  in Economics from the University of Utah, and BS in Family Financial Planning and Counseling from Brigham Young University.  Though clearly passionate about the disciplines of finance and economics, his true passions are his wife, children and grandchildren.

"I've been married for almost 40 years to a beautiful and patient wife, and have four children and a growing number of grandchildren spread from Virginia to San Diego.  I'm actively involved in my church and serve on the boards of local charitable foundations.  When I have spare time, or when I used to have spare time, I spend it in my shop building furniture, in my yard tending my ponds and gardens, entertaining and cooking for guests. My life is full to say the very least and I'm grateful for it.  I'm one of those fortunate men whose allowed to spend time doing what I love."

Contact Information

Dr. Richard E. Haskell, Sr.
Associate Professor of Finance
Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business
Westminster College
1840 South 1300 East, Gore 211
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105


KRCL - Radio Active May 24, 2017; Is the US a democracy or corporatoracy?  Host Laura Jones and Billy Palmer discuss the question with Richard Haskell, PhD (Associate Professor of Finance, Westminster College), Morgan Lyon-Cotti (Hinkley Institute Associate Director) and Doug Burton (Vest Pocket Business Coalition).

KCPW - The Bottom Line April 28, 2017; A discussion on corporate social responsibility, purpose driven enterprise, and finance education with KCPW host Doug Welch, and Westminster College Associate Professor of Finance, Richard Haskell, PhD, and students Francesca Scoppelo and Noelle Johnson.

KCPW - Freakonomics March 31, 2017, A discussion of purpose driven enterprise and Westminster College's Business 101 Course with Richard Haskell, PhD and Bardhi Ballata (Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business), and Emily Means and Roger McDonough (KCPW).

The Korea Times: City Edition March 11-12, 2017 Westminster College MBA Students Visit Korea - an exchange between Korea Times CEO Lee Chang-sup and Westminster College Professors Michael Keene, PhD, and Richard Haskell, PhD. 

The Valuation Project May 2016 - The Valuation Project includes a dynamic web portal showcasing valuation model research conducted by undergraduate researchers and Richard Haskell, PhD, from Westminster College's Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business.

State Longitudinal Data Systems Research October 2016; The State Longitudinal Data Systems Research web site is an active repository of state level information on State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) across the nation, includes state level SLDS profiles prepared by undergraduate researchers and Richard Haskell, PhD, from Westminster College's Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business, and presents the current state of completeness, funding, accessibility, user interface, and interoperability of public education data systems for the 50 states.

Westminster College - In the News December 21, 2016; Westminster Business Students Donate company Profits to Charity: First-year business students challenged to experience purpose driven enterprise from day one of college.

National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Webinar August 19, 2016; Dual Credit Enrollment: Exploring students access and equity of outcomes in Illinois and Utah featuring Richard Haskell, PhD (Westminster College) and Jason Taylor, PhD (University of Utah.

KRCL Radio Active - Labor Day Special Presentation September 5, 2016: A discussion of proposed iucreases in the minimum wage, the potential impact for Utah and the nation.  Chris Collard, Richard Haskell, PhD, and Natalie Gochnour.  Hosted by Emily Means.

PCTV - Mountain Morning Show August 25, 2015

Rick Haskell, PhD, Assistant Professor - Finance, Gore School of Business, Westminster College, , and Joe Davis, PCTV Mountain Morning Show Co-Host, discuss the recent market activity in the US and Chinese equity markets.

PCTV - Mountain Morning Show October 17, 2013
Rick Haskell, Doctoral Fellow in Economics at the University of Utah, and Joe Davis, PCTV Mountain Morning Show Co-Host, discuss the impact of the 2013 Federal Government shutdown.

Daily Utah Chronicle: U to Feel Impact of Sequester April 10, 2013
James Curry, assistant professor in political science, and Rick Haskell, a Ph.D. candidate in economics, spoke about the sequester’s history and how budget cuts will impact the university’s education and administration. 

Hinckley Forums: The Sequester and U April 9, 2013
The Sequester and U: An Informational Panel about the 2013 Sequestration and Its Impact on the County, State, and Students
Rick Haskell, Graduate Teaching Asst. (E), Economics Department
James Curry, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department
Co-sponsored by ASUU Government Relations