The internet has become full of good quality video resources like those from the Kahn Academy, the Federal Reserve, Harvard and MIT to help understand various issues in Economics.  The following are a few of those I thought might be helpful.  All of these are videos.

Economics and Economic Philosophers

Ten Principles of Economics - video clips

Introduction to Markets - Kahn Academy

The Circular Flow of a Market Economy

Market Economy vs. Command Economy - video satire

Defending the Market Economy - Friedrich Hayek 

The Economic Problem: Scarcity and Choice 

What is Classical Liberalism

Does Capitalism Exploit Workers

The History of Liberalism

Conservatism vs. Liberalism: William F. Buckley, Jr. vs. George McGovern Debate (1997)

Adam Smith - The Wealth of Nations
David Ricardo - Princlples of Political Economy and Taxation

David Ricardo - Labor Theory of Value

Thomas Malthus and Population Growth

Malthus, Population Growth and the Resource Base

Capitalism and Socialism - Crash Course

Capital by Thomas Piketty (Kahn Academy)

Why Capitalism is Great and Not-so-great - Kahn Academy

20th Century Capitalism and Regulation in the US - Kahn Academy

Karl Marx and Marxism - 1 hr

Nouriel Roubini: Karl Marx was riight
60 Second Adventures in Economics

The Labor Theory of Value

Thorstein Veblen

Veblen Good

Consumer Capitalism

Theory of the Leisure Class

Econometrics vs. Hard Science

The Lorenz Curve

The Gini Coefficient

Voter Systems: First Past the Post

Voter System: The Alternative Vote

Voter Systems: Median Voter

Voter Systems: Interest Groups

Racial Stratification in the Labor Market

Black Woman pretends to be white: job offers skyrocket

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Do Women Earn Less Than Men?

The Gender Pay Gap: John Stossel

Macroeconomic Foundations - MIT

Economic Study Guide and Resource for Students - SEFCU

Health Economics

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

Good News for American Medicine - Preview

Good News for American Medicare - PBS Video

The Future of US Healthcare Spending

Medical Insurance in the US Healthcare Coverage Explained

Protecting Healthcare Coverage for American Families

Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Discuss Health Care Insurance Coverage

Universal Health Coverage: The Future of Healthcare Reform?

The Use of Outcomes Research in Health Economics

Cost Effectiveness Analysis


Limitations of QALY's

The Myth of "Market Failure" in Healthcare - CATO Institute 

Market Failure - Milton Friedman

Market Failures and Public Goods

Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: Developments Since Arrow - Columbia University

Understanding Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Exchanges

Moral Hazard in Health Insurance

Healthcare Triage - RAND and Moral Hazard

Affordable Care Act Cost Sharing Subsidy

Health Insurance Cost Sharing: Co-Pay, Deductible, Coinsurance, Out of Pocket Maximums

Physician Compensation - should specialists make more than primary care physicians

Fair Market Value of Physician Compensation

Trends in Incentive Based Physician Compensation

Strategies for aligning physician compensation in an era of change

New program hopes to address physician shortage in Hawaii

Primary physician care shortage

Physicians shortage and healthcare reform

National Health Council - PCORI

PCORI Advisory Panels 

Should Specialists Make More Than Primary Care Physicians

Physician Compensation Report

Medical Information Systems

Connecting Systems with Real-Time Information

Defining Quality - aiming for a better healthcare system

Transforming Healthcare Through Quality Improvement and Innovation

Medical Malpractice: Is honesty the best policy?

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits - A debate on the costs of defensive medicine

Medical Malpractice Litigation - the medical and legal perspectives

The consumer driven healthcare revolution

How iPads and mobile devices are driving changes in Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act's Impact on the US Pharmaceutical Market

Measuring and Improving the Quality of Healthcare

Medical Information Systems

Connecting Systems with Real-Time Information

Defining Quality - aiming for a better healthcare system

Transforming Healthcare Through Quality Improvement and Innovation

Labor Economics

Labor Mobility

Should America open its borders - Reason presents a debate on immigration

Economics of immigration: myths and realities

Real wages related to labor productivity

Workplace Discrimination

The Economics of Labor Discrimination

Do women earn less than men: myth or fact?

Equal Pay, Discrimination and the Glass Ceiling

Jim Hoffa on Unions and Economics

Wage determination in imperfect labor markets

Do unions really raise wages

Nominal vs Real  Unemployment

Types of Unemployment

Economic Growth, Unemployment and Inflation

Wealth Inequality in America

How Economic Inequality Harms America

What the 1% Don't want you to know: Bill Moyers and Paul Krugman on Piketty's Capital

Inequality for all: Bill Moyers and Robert Reich

Labor Policies in formal and informal labor markets

Professor Henry Farber (Princeton) Discusses Labor Economics


Consumer Theory and Evaluating at the Margin

Marginal Utility

Equalizing Marginal Utility per dollar Spent

Deriving Demand Curve from Marginal Utility

Budget Curve

Indifference Curves and Marginal Rate of Substitution

Consumer Optimality

Types of Indifference Curves

Laws of Demand

Law of demand

Price of related products and demand

Change in expected future prices and demand

Changes in income, population or preferences

Normal and Inferior Goods

Inferior Goods Clarification

Laws of Supply

Law of Supply

Factors affecting supply

Long-Term Supply Curve

Market Equilibrium

Market Equilibrium

Changes in Market Equilibrium

Labor Market Introduction & Overview

Labour Market video

The Labor Market - US Federal Reserve

The Labor Market

Marginal Product and Marginal Revenue  - Kahn Academy

Marginal Product of Labor (MPL) and Marginal Revenue Product of Labor (MRPL)

Using MRPL and MEL to decide how many people to hire

Adding up firm demand curves to determine a market demand relation

Average and marginal costs and revenues

Marginal Cost (MC) and Average Total Cost (ATC)

Marginal Revenue (MR) and Marginal Cost (MC)

Marginal Revenue below Average Total Cost

Long Term Supply and Economic Profit 

General Equilibrium

General Equilibrium - overview

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 1

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 2

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 3

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 4

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 5

General Equilibrium Theorem - part 6

The PPF, Absolute and Comparative Advantage, and  Opportunity Costs

Production Possibilities Frontier

Comparative Advantage and Gains from Trade

Opportunity Cost

Comparative and Absolute Advantage

Economic Profit and Profit Maximization

Economic Profit vs Accounting Profit

Profit Maximizing Condition: MR = MC

Perfect Competition and Economic Profit

Perfect Competition (1)

Perfect Competition (2)

Market Structure

Economic Profit vs Accounting Profit

Labor Demand - Kahn Academy

Law of Demand

Price of related products and demand

Change in expected future prices and demand

Changes in income, population, or preferences

Normal and Inferior goods

Labor Supply - Kahn Academy

Law of Supply

Factors affecting supply

Long-term supply curve

Labor Market Friction

Minimum Wage and Price Floors

Excess Supply and Demand for Labor

Monopsony (1)

Monopsony (2)

Monopoly - much of this also applies for Monopsony

Monopoly Basics

Monopolist optimizing price: total revenue

Monopolist optimizing price: Marginal Revenue

Monopolist optimizing price: Dead Weight Loss

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition

Monopolistic Competition and Economic Profit

Consumer & Producer Surplus and Dead Weight Loss

Consumer and Producer Surplus  the effect of a monopoly

Demand Curve as marginal benefit curve

Consumer surplus introduction

Total consumer surplus as area

Producer Surplus

Total Surplus, Dead Weight Loss, and World Trade

Dead Weight Loss

Rent control and dead weight loss

minimum wage and price floors

taxation and dead weight loss

percentage tax on hamburgers

Taxes and perfectly inelastic demand

Taxes and perfectly elastic demand

Public Goods and Externalities

Negative externalities

taxes for factoring in negative externalities

Positive externalities

Tragedy of the commons

Elasticity - Kahn Academy

Price Elasticity of Demand (1)

Price Elasticity of Demand (2)

Perfectly Inelastic and Elastic Demand

Constant Unit Elasticity (aka Unit or Unitary Elasticity)

Total Revenue and Elasticity (1)

Total Revenue and Elasticity (2)

Cross Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of Supply

Elasticity and strange percent changes

Human Capital

Human Capital - EconEdLink Video (basic)

Human Capital - Kahn Academy

Time Value of Money - Kahn Academy

Introduction to Present Value - Kahn Academy

Present Value (2) - Kahn Academy

Present Value (3) - Kahn Academy

Present Value (4) - Kahn Academy

Income Distribution

Wealth Inequality in America

Inequality for All

Moyers & Krugman: Piketty's Capital

The Lorenz Curve

The Gini Coefficient

Market Failure and Public Goods

Market Failure - Milton Friedman

Market Failures and Public Goods

Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: Developments Since Arrow - Columbia University


Effects of International Labor Mobility


Keynes/Hayek Debates

Keynes vs. Hayek Debate - LSE Re-enactment

Fear the Boom and Bust: A Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Anthem - Round One

Fight of the Century: Kaynes vs. Hayek - Round Two

Friedrich Hayek on Keynes' Ignorance of Economics

Eric Samuelson - Clearing Bombs: Keynes/Hayek's night on the roof of King's College Chapel

The Great Depression

The Return of the Keynesian Revolution

Aggregate Supply and Demand (AS/AD Model)

Aggregate Demand (AD)

Shifts in Aggregate Demand

Long-Run Aggregate Supply (LRAS)

Short-Run Aggregate Supply (SRAS)

Inflation - Kahn Academy

Inflation Overview

What is inflation

Inflation data

CPI Index


Unemployment - capacity utilization

Unemployment rate primer

The Phillips Curve


NAIRU and the Natural Rate of Unemployment

Growth, Savings and Investment

Long Run Economic Growth

Long Run Economic Equilibrium

Savings and Investment

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Circular flow of income and expenditures

Parsing out GDP

Final and Intermediate GDP contributions

Investment and Consumption

Income and Expenditures view of GDP

Components of GDP

Real and Nominal GDP

GDP Deflator

Fiscal Policy

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Keynesian Multiplier

The Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC)

The Consumption Function

Planned Expenditures

The IS/LM model

Keynesian Cross

Tax Lever of Fiscal Policy

Money, Banking and Central Banks

The Gold Standard

What Happened to the Gold?

Banking and Money

The Money Multiplier

Reserve ratios (reserve requirement)

Open Market Operations

Fed Funds Rate

Quantitative Easing

2008 Bank "Bailout"

Geithner Plan

Foreign Exchange and Trade

Chinese Currency and US Debt

2011-2012 Greek Debt Crisis