Firm Studies

The following problem sets include data for actual firms gathered by FactSet, Bloomberg, the respective firms' annual reports and other publicly available resources as noted.  That these data are included in this repository is in no way expressly or implicitly suggestive of a relationship between the subject firms and the author.  These data and the hypothetical problem sets accompanying them are for educational and illustrative purposes only.

1.01    Bits & Bytes

1.02    Consul Data

1.03    DDD Entertainment

1.03    TechHub, LLC

1.04    Warrior Manufacturing

2.01    Merit Medical Systems  Problem Set      Excel Solution    2015 Annual Report

                                                                                              2016 Annual Report

2.02    Whole Foods                Problem Set      Excel Solution   2015 Annual Report

                                                                                              2016 Annual Report

2.03    Johnson and Johnson   Problem Set      Excel Solution    2016 Annual Report